PhenoTec Research Service & Consulting


PhenoTec AG is a pharmaceutical service, research and consulting company. PhenoTec AG is involved in optimizing drug development by providing models to test new lead compounds in chronic lung and systemic inflammatory diseases including neurodegeneration and ageing. Consulting and customized drug development for novel therapeutics is also in our mission. studies. PhenoTec has an efficient network with opinion leaders and scientists to ensure innovative new products and services. The scientific track records of Bernhard Ryffel heading the pharmacology is provided in the biosketch.

PhenoTec develops APB, a novel anti-inflammatory butyrate derivative, to treat chronic inflammatory lung and skin diseases. Preclinical data show strong inhibition of COPD, asthma, lung fibrosis and psoriasis. Pharmacological studies are ongoing for registration to start phase I clinical development and licensing. APB is IP protected and easy to manufacture.

Read our statement: APB: A novel therapeutic for chronic respiratory diseases